Greeting George Strait and Presenting New Hoyt Bow


Luke greets George Strait with a "Hi George Strait.."

Gus and Luke with George Strait.

Frank explaining the new Hoyt bow he was giving Mr. Strait. Frank's father set George up with a Hoyt bow in 1999 so this is the second bow Addington has given him.

George Strait with his new Hoyt bow.

2016 MJM Charity Event in Austin, Texas at the Spanish Oaks Golf Course


Coach Mack Brown, Frank, Singer Jack Ingram, Actor Matthew McConaughey

Frank and Coach Brown

Frank, Coach Brown, Jack Ingram

Coach Mack Brown signs my bow.

Actor Matthew McConaughey signs my bow.

Singer Jack Ingram signs my bow while Mack Brown holds it.

Frank's skills are on display.

Behind the back shooting.

The audience was amazed.

Aspirin splitting.