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15,000 in the audience watch on jumbotron screens as Addington performs on the big stage at Deerassic Classic.

Another first shot show on the baby aspirin!

Doing media at a show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

On stage at the Bass Pro Shop Fall Classic in Macon, Ga.

Steve Garnell of Renfro Productions with three baby aspirin

The three pills.

Aspirin dust on stage at the Quail Unlimited Convention in Kansas City.

Three arrows at once with his SKY longbow

Three arrows collide with three baby aspirin!

On stage at the national Quail Unlimited Convention.

Doing media at the Pee Dee Deer Classic in Florence, SC.

How many arrows can Frank fire at once?!?

The six arrows at once shot is a crowd pleaser!

First try. Off the dummy's head from behind the back!

Frank with friends Bart & Ginny Hall from the famous Fred Hall Shows.

Frank & western author/lawyer Richard Jensen in Mobile, Ala.

Two arrows at once with his foot--- at the 2007 Dixie Deer Classic

12 arrows at once!

Doing Media at the 2008 Greater Virginia Sports and Big Game Show.

Radio interview @ the Greater Virginia Sports and Big Game Show.

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