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Frank, Jim Easton and Rob Parog 42nd Annual World Championships

Rob Parog, Jeanne Moos, CNN, and Frank

Frank, Rob Keck, National Wild Turkey Federation President, and Rob Parog

Frank, and Rob Parog with NYC 2012 Staff. They hope to land the 2012 Olympics for NYC.

Signing Autographs after a huge DARE Graduation program with WV Gov. Bob Wise

Archery in the Big Apple

Stacy Groscup & Frank

Stacy Groscup & Frank

Frank's Mom Cathy Addington

Frank and his wife Amanda

Event in the late '80's

Frank & Fred Bear

Frank Addington, Sr.

Frank & Fred Bear Circa 1978

Frank & Fred Bear

Frank & Earl Hoyt

Frank Sr., Tom Jennings, Frank Jr.

Ann Hoyt

Dick Idol and CJ Winand Circa 1989

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