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Fredricksburg, VA Outdoor Show. February 2008. Three baby aspirin and three arrows about to meet in mid air...

Gov. Bob Wise (WV 2000-2004) at Frank's show 2008 Fredericksburg Outdoor Show.

Frank and Brad Treu at the Mathews factory

Frank and Ken Beck from Black Widow Bow Company

Frank in Eau Clair, WI

St. Louis, MO

Frank and "Padre" Frank Frye

Detroit, MI

Billings, MT

Horse watching the show. King Ranch, TX

Sherwood Schoch, Mr. James, Amanda & Frank

Show at the Mathews Factory

Presentation of a new Mathews Heritage Longbow to King Ranch's Butch Thompson.

King Ranch Show

Friends at the King Ranch

King Ranch Show

The First Lady and Frank's first lady.

King Ranch

Distinguished West Virginian Award

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